A Bite-Sized View of Photoshoots.

Trish and Sarah brought me to The Fermanagh Herald for a photoshoot. Did you know that the carpet upstairs has a fantastic grip for going at speed? I took some of those corners so fast, I almost passed myself out.  Lots of people got up from their chairs.  I’m sure they wanted to talk to me.  I tried to get around them all. Some were so busy they didn’t notice I was there.  They were staring at screens, looking sad.  They needed licking.

The photoshoot was brilliant.  I got treats.  They begged me to get up on the table.  If I did that at home, it’d be “out the back” for me.  It wasn’t any old table either, it was a great big table in a room on its own that smelt of biscuits.  I had to sit and look at a man with a big black thing in front of his face.  It blinked at me lots of times.  I was going to go over and sort it out but it didn’t smell dangerous and everyone was smiling.  I let it live.

The Fermanagh Herald – Focus on Rascal – 23/11/16 written by T. Bennett on Rascal’s behalf.



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